Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi Menu & Prices ( Updated ) 2024

A delicious menu with foods enhanced with the deep flavors of saffron is probably available at Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi Menu.

There might also be vegetarian options that appeal to a variety of palates, such as lentil delights or paneer dishes laced with saffron.

Saffron Foodies promises a remarkable dining experience that highlights the culinary creativity of saffron-infused cuisine.


Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi Menu is probably sophisticated and a work of culinary art, with meals that are specially designed to bring forth the rich flavors of saffron.

There may also be plenty of vegetarian choices available, with creative saffron-infused dishes to suit a range of palates.

Saffron Foodies menu is certain to create a lasting impression of decadence and culinary perfection thanks to its commitment to high-quality ingredients, careful preparation, and a dash of culinary flare.

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Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi Menu Availability

  • BAR BQ
  • sekkah Kebab
  • Mutton Ribs
  • Mughlia Handi
  • Kabli Pulao
  • Appetizers
  • Hot & Cold Coffee
  • Beverges


Bar BQ By Saffron Foodies
Chicken Tikka499pkr
Chicken Boti Plate1190pkr
Fish Tikka Plate 1430pkr
Saffroni Tikka 1340pkr

sekkah Kebab

Saffron Kebab
Chicken Kabab Plate1110pkr
Chicken Rashmi Kabab1260pkr
Chicken Cheese Kabab 1290pkr
Beef kebab1190pkr

Mutton Ribs

Saffron Ribs
Mutton Ribs 2530pkr
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Mughlia Handi

Handi By Saffron Foodies
Chicken Handi1499pkr
Mutton Handi 2370pkr
Chicken Hara masala1510pkr
Mutton Achari Handi 2430pkr

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Kabli Pulao

Kabli Pulao890pkr


Saffron Appetizers
Saffron Platter 1570pkr
winggs platter1450pkr
Honey Wings 870pkr
Fired Wings690pkr

Hot & Cold Coffee

hot & cold coffee
Soft Drink90pkr
Morrocan Mint Tea180pkr
Mix Tea250pkr
Green Tea 170pkr


Bevergs menu
Strawbery Shake 499pkr
Blueberry Shake 620pkr
Passion fruit 620pkr
Mango Shake 580pkr

Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi: A Culinary Journey

1. Saffron-Infused Delicacies: Saffron Foodies menu is a testament to the allure of saffron-infused cuisine. Dive into aromatic biryanis, where each grain of rice carries the delicate fragrance and golden hue of saffron, elevating the dish to a luxurious experience.

2. Succulent Kebabs and Grilled Specialties: Experience the art of grilling at Saffron Foodies, where succulent kebabs and grilled specialties take center stage.

3. Vegetarian Creations: Vegetarian diners are in for a treat with Saffron Foodies’ innovative vegetarian creations. Delight in saffron-infused paneer dishes, lentil delicacies, and vegetable curries that showcase the versatility of saffron in vegetarian cuisine.

4. Exquisite Desserts: Conclude your meal with exquisite desserts that showcase the luxuriousness of saffron. From saffron-infused kheer to delicate saffron-flavored pastries, each dessert is a sweet symphony of flavors that leaves a lasting impression.

5. Beverage Selection: Complement your meal with a selection of beverages that highlight saffron’s unique qualities. Sip on saffron-infused teas, lassis, or refreshing mocktails for a complete dining experience at Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi.

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Contact Information

Phone: 051 111 723 766

Email: [email protected]


Opening & Closing Time

Monday12 pm–1 am
Tuesday12 pm–1 am
Wednesday(Labor Day)12 pm–1 amHours might differ
Thursday12 pm–1 am
Friday2 am–12 am
Saturday12 pm–1 am
Sunday12 pm–1 am

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In conclusion, Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi menu is a testament to the artistry and sophistication of saffron-infused cuisine.

With a diverse range of saffron-infused delicacies, succulent kebabs, innovative vegetarian creations, exquisite desserts, and refreshing beverages, the menu promises a culinary journey that celebrates the unique flavors and aromas of saffron.

Frequently Asked Question About Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi menu

  1. Does Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi offer vegetarian options on their menu? Yes, Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi caters to vegetarian diners with a range of saffron-infused vegetarian dishes, including paneer specialties, lentil delicacies, and flavorful vegetable curries.
  2. What is the beverage selection like at Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi? Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi offers a beverage selection that includes saffron-infused teas, lassis, and refreshing mocktails, providing a delightful complement to the saffron-infused cuisine.
  3. Are there options for grilled or kebab specialties on the menu? Yes, Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi features succulent kebabs and grilled specialties marinated in saffron-infused spices, offering a burst of flavors and a unique dining experience.
  4. Does Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi offer delivery or takeout services? Customers can inquire about delivery or takeout services at Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi, ensuring a convenient dining experience for those who prefer to enjoy their saffron-infused delicacies at home or on the go.

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