Red Apple Menu karachi Updated ( 2024 )

With a mouthwatering selection of dishes to satisfy every palate, Red Apple Menu Karachi has something to offer everyone. Every dish on the menu is expertly and carefully prepared, ranging from classic Pakistani meals that are brimming with flavorful spices to exotic flavors that entice the senses.

There are plenty of fresh salads, veggie stir-fries, and substantial lentil dishes available for vegetarians. Desserts such as gulab jamun, kheer, and rich pastries will make your meal end on a pleasant note.

A gastronomic adventure full of warmth, flavor, and an authentic experience of Karachi’s thriving food scene is what Red Apple Menu aims to deliver.


With its wide variety of mouthwatering options, the Red Apple cuisine in Karachi makes a lasting impact. Every dish, whether they are classic Pakistani fare or a taste from around the world, is expertly prepared and incredibly tasty.

The Red Apple menu Karachi offers a remarkable dining experience that embodies Karachi’s bustling food scene, whether you’re savoring international cuisine or delving into the rich flavors of Pakistani cuisine.

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Red Apple Menu Karachi Availability

  • Fast Food
  • BBQ & Roll
  • Pakistani Cuisine
  • Chinese
  • Desserts & Beverges
  • Hot Drinks

Fast Food

regular beef burger

Rs. 500

Regular Beef Burger

chicken cheese

Rs. 500

Chicken Cheese


Rs. 500


red crispy

Rs. 550

Red Crispy

BBQ & Roll

chicken tikka

Rs. 499

Chicken Tikka

chicken boti

Rs. 649

Chicken Boti

reshmi kebab

Rs. 799

Reshmi Kebab

malai boti

Rs. 799

Malai Boti

chicken bihari boti

Rs. 799

pizza roll

Rs. 500

Pizza Roll

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Pakistani Cuisine

green masala

Rs. 1350

Green Masala


Rs. 1450



Rs. 1450


chicken vegetable soup

Rs. 300

Chicken Vegetable Soup

thai soup

Rs. 300

Thai Soup

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hot & sour soup

red / white

Rs. 400

Hot & Sour Soup

special soup

Rs. 450

Special Soup

Desserts & Beverges

krazy kitkat

Rs. 500

Krazy KitKat

vanilla dream

Rs. 500

Vanilla Dream

Hot Drinks

green tea

Rs. 220

Green Tea


Rs. 280


black coffee

Rs. 280

Black Coffee


Rs. 340


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Talking About Food Variety

1. Traditional Pakistani Delicacies: Dive into the rich tapestry of flavors with Red Apple’s selection of traditional Pakistani dishes. From aromatic biryanis like Chicken Biryani and Sindhi Biryani to succulent kebabs such as Seekh Kebab and Reshmi Kebab, experience the authentic taste of Pakistan’s culinary heritage.

2. Global Flavors: Embark on a global culinary adventure with Red Apple’s international offerings. Indulge in sizzling steaks cooked to perfection, flavorful pasta dishes like Alfredo and Arrabiata, and juicy burgers with a variety of toppings.

3. Seafood Specialties: Seafood enthusiasts can delight in Red Apple’s seafood specialties, featuring dishes like Fish Karahi and Prawn Masala. Freshly prepared and bursting with coastal flavors, these dishes showcase the best of Karachi’s seafood offerings.

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In conclusion, Red Apple menu Karachi is a culinary treasure trove that captures the richness and depth of the city’s cuisine scene.

Red Apple offers a broad selection of vegetarian delights, seafood specialties, international cuisines, traditional Pakistani delicacies, and mouthwatering desserts to suit every taste and choice.

Red Apple menu Karachi promises a savory trip that embodies the essence of Karachi’s dynamic cuisine scene, whether you’re yearning the comfort of traditional biryanis or looking for new culinary adventures with international dishes.

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Frequently Asked Question About Red Apple Menu Karachi

  1. Do you offer delivery or takeout options from Red Apple Menu Karachi? Yes, we provide delivery services within specified areas and offer convenient takeout options for our customers.
  2. Are there vegetarian and vegan options available on the Red Apple Menu? Absolutely! We have a dedicated section on our menu for vegetarian and vegan dishes, ensuring that everyone can find something delicious to enjoy.
  3. Can I make special dietary requests or modifications to dishes on the menu? Certainly! Our chefs are happy to accommodate special dietary requests or make modifications to dishes based on your preferences. Just let our staff know, and we’ll ensure your meal is prepared to your satisfaction.
  4. Do you have any discounts or promotions available on the Red Apple Menu? We periodically offer discounts, promotions, and special deals on selected menu items. Be sure to check our website or social media pages for the latest offers.
  5. What are some signature dishes or must-try items on the Red Apple Menu? Some of our signature dishes include Chicken Biryani, Seekh Kebab, Fish Karahi, and Chocolate Lava Cake. These are highly recommended for a flavorful experience, but we also encourage you to explore our diverse menu and discover your own favorites!

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