9 Places to visit in Gitagum [Beaches, Resort, Food]

Gitagum is a municipality located in the province of Misamis Oriental in the Philippines. It is situated in the northern part of the province on the island of Mindanao.

Location: Gitagum is located on the northern coast of the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is part of the Misamis Oriental province, which is known for its scenic coastal areas and natural beauty.

Scenic Beauty: Gitagum offers picturesque views of the Mindanao Sea and the lush greenery that characterizes the region.

Accessibility: Gitagum is accessible by land and sea. The proximity to the sea also makes it accessible by boat, and there are ports and coastal areas in the region.

Local Culture: Like many places in the Philippines, Gitagum has a rich local culture and is often influenced by traditional Filipino customs and celebrations. Local festivals, events, and religious traditions are an integral part of the community’s culture.

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Beaches near Gitagum

  • Hapitanan Beach
  • Initao National Park
  • Divine Mercy Hills
  • Opol Beach

Resort near Gitagum

  • Lagoon Beach Resort
  • LOHAS Airport Hotel
  • Apple Tree Resort & Hotel

Food Places near Gitagum

  • Minute Burger
  • Panagatan
  • Raki-Yata Ramen House

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Beaches near Gitagum

Hapitanan Beach

Hapitanan Beach Gitagum

Hapitanan Beach offers a unique and enjoyable experience, even though it may not boast complete amenities.

The real star of the show, however, is the beach itself. With its breathtaking scenery, Hapitanan Beach is nothing short of Instagram-worthy. The crystal-clear waters are an absolute delight for swimmers and beachgoers. The serenity of the place is juxtaposed with one minor drawback—evidence of human activity.

Despite this, Hapitanan Beach remains a captivating destination for those who appreciate natural beauty and the charm of a less developed coastal escape.

Hapitanan Beach’s charm lies in its simplicity and the warm hospitality of its staff. While it may not offer a wide array of modern facilities, the tranquil setting more than makes up for it.

The beach is an instant eye-catcher, featuring postcard-perfect views that beckon photographers and travelers seeking that Instagram-worthy shot. The crystal-clear waters provide a refreshing escape from the heat, making it an ideal spot for swimming and relaxation.

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Initao National Park

Initao National Park Near Gitagum

Initao National Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. If you’re a birdwatcher, this park is a must-visit destination.

As you step into the park, you’ll immediately notice how the bird calls envelop you, drowning out the sounds of speeding vehicles on the nearby highway. The park provides a wheelchair-accessible 2.5-kilometer trail, which is a fantastic feature for those with limited mobility, allowing them to soak in the breathtaking views of the sea

Initao National Park’s unique charm lies in its accessibility and its ability to transport visitors to a tranquil natural oasis. The park’s location, right on the highway to Laguindingan Airport, makes it an ideal stop for travelers looking to break their journey and immerse themselves in nature.

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Divine Mercy Hills

Divine Mercy Hills Near Gitagum

Divine Mercy Hills is a must-see destination near Cagayan de Oro, despite its location in El Salvador. Visitors often opt to hire a van to reach this tranquil and spiritually significant site, with a 30-minute journey that costs around 1000 pesos, including a driver. These containers are both affordable and hold a special value for many visitors who wish to bring home a piece of this sacred place.

The church’s serene ambiance and stunning views make it a place of spiritual reflection and natural beauty, offering a sense of peace and tranquility to all who come to visit.

Divine Mercy Hills is not only a place of profound spiritual significance but also a destination that leaves a lasting impression on its visitors. It Is Located just a short distance from Cagayan de Oro, this tranquil site offers a unique opportunity to experience spirituality and natural beauty in perfect harmony. The ease of reaching the destination by hiring a van with a friendly driver simplifies the journey.

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Opol Beach

Opol Beach Near Gitagum

Opol Beach has proven to be a revelation for many, with its convenience and significance becoming increasingly apparent. A recent sport photography seminar held there opened my eyes to the vibrant activities that take place along its shores. It’s an ideal setting for capturing the joy and enthusiasm of skim boarders and beach volleyball players as they compete with zest and spirit.

Opol Beach provides a picturesque backdrop, creating the perfect canvas for these dynamic sports. The combination of sandy shores and glistening waters, combined with the lively atmosphere of friendly competition. Its makes it a remarkable destination for sports enthusiasts and photographers alike.

My recent experience at Opol Beach shed light on the importance of this coastal gem. Beyond its picturesque scenery, the beach serves as a hub for various sports and recreational activities.

The seminar I attended allowed me to witness the exuberant world of skim boarding and beach volleyball, with athletes and enthusiasts coming together to compete and celebrate their passion for these sports. The beach’s accessibility and dynamic ambiance make it a prime location for such events.

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Resort near Gitagum

Lagoon Beach Resort

Lagoon Beach Resort Near Gitagum

Lagoon Beach Resort offers a truly tranquil and intimate experience that’s perfect for those seeking a peaceful escape. During our visit on a weekday, my friend and I had the entire pool to ourselves, creating a sense of exclusivity and serenity.

The feeling of having the place to ourselves was a delightful surprise, and it made our experience truly special. As we lounged by the pool, the peacefulness of the resort washed over us, creating a calming atmosphere that allowed us to fully unwind. One of the highlights of our visit was enjoying the breathtaking sunset, casting a warm and golden hue over the resort, creating a picture-perfect moment that etched itself into our memories.

Lagoon Beach Resort provides an idyllic setting for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Our visit on a weekday revealed the hidden gem that this resort is, with the added bonus of having the pool all to ourselves. It allowed us to fully appreciate the beauty of the place and its peaceful ambiance. The opportunity to enjoy the stunning sunset on the resort’s grounds was a remarkable experience.

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LOHAS Airport Hotel

LOHAS Airport Hotel Near Gitagum

LOHAS Airport Hotel provides a unique and peaceful retreat for travelers seeking relaxation and comfort. With a serene atmosphere and the opportunity to enjoy the sunset. It’s a perfect place to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The hotel’s amenities and ambiance cater to a sense of calm and rejuvenation, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a quiet and soothing stay.

The reviewer’s experience at LOHAS Airport Hotel reflects the essence of this hidden gem. Nestled away from the noise and congestion of the city, the hotel offers a peaceful haven for its guests. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the chance to have the pool all to yourself on a quiet weekday is a delightful bonus. It’s a place where you can truly embrace the stillness of the moment and savor the breathtaking sunset views.

Apple Tree Resort & Hotel

Apple Tree Resort & Hotel Near Gitagum

Apple Tree Resort & Hotel offers a serene and memorable escape, especially if you visit during the weekdays. My friend and I had the privilege of having the pool all to ourselves, creating a truly tranquil and private experience. The peaceful ambiance of the resort allows you to fully appreciate.

The beauty of the surroundings while taking in the breathtaking sunset. It’s a moment of pure relaxation, feeling the serenity of the place wash over you as you unwind by the pool. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway or a peaceful retreat, Apple Tree Resort & Hotel provides the perfect setting to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The charm of Apple Tree Resort & Hotel shines through in moments like the one my friend and I experienced during our weekday visit. With the pool area all to ourselves, we were able to fully immerse ourselves in the tranquility of the resort. The peaceful ambiance and the backdrop of a stunning sunset created an idyllic atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and enjoying the company of a friend.

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Food Places near Gitagum

Minute Burger

Minute Burger Near Gitagum

Minute Burger, as the reviewer notes, has experienced a price increase of 50%. In a time when many face challenges related to income and rising costs, such changes are not uncommon. However, what sets Minute Burger apart is its commitment to maintaining excellent value for its customers. Despite the price increase, it continues to offer affordable and satisfying meal options.

This makes it a sensible choice for those carefully considering where to spend their hard-earned money. Minute Burger’s ability to adapt to economic fluctuations while retaining its reputation for value makes. It is a dependable option for individuals looking for affordable and convenient dining

The reviewer’s experience highlights the resilience and value proposition of Minute Burger. Minute Burger’s ability to provide comparatively excellent value even after a price increase speaks to its dedication to serving its customers. This steadfast commitment to affordability and quality sets. It apart as a reliable option for individuals who want to make the most of their limited purchasing power. It’s a reminder that, in the face of economic challenges, there are still establishments like Minute Burger that prioritize the well-being of their customers.

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Panagatan Menu

panagatan Near Gitagum

Panagatan is a seafood lover’s paradise, and the reviewer couldn’t have been more pleased with the freshness and quality of the seafood offerings. From halaan (clams) to crabs, shrimps, and tuna panga and belly, every dish exceeded their expectations.

The restaurant seems to have mastered the art of serving delectable, ocean-fresh seafood that leaves a lasting impression. It’s an ideal destination for those who crave the flavors of the sea. However, while the culinary experience was outstanding, the reviewer notes that the service could benefit from improvement. Nevertheless, the outstanding quality of the seafood certainly made the dining experience worthwhile.

Panagatan offers a culinary journey through the bounties of the sea, and the reviewer’s visit was a seafood feast to remember. The clams, crabs, shrimps, and tuna dishes, including panga and belly, all received praise for their exceptional taste and freshness.

It’s evident that the restaurant takes pride in sourcing high-quality seafood that captivates the taste buds. However, the reviewer also underscores an area for improvement: the service. Despite this, Panagatan’s dedication to serving top-notch seafood cuisine makes. Its a seafood haven worth exploring for those with a penchant for ocean flavors.

Raki-Yata Ramen House

Raki-Yata Ramen House Near Gitagum

Raki-Yata Ramen House seems to be a hidden gem worth waiting for, as the reviewer playfully suggests with a “Pssstttt! It’s worth the wait” opening. The enthusiasm for this Japanese eatery shines through as they describe the delightful experience.

Raki-Yata Ramen House offers an authentic taste of Japan, where you can explore traditional Japanese food and culture.The exclamation “Odoroku hodo oishī!” (surprisingly delicious) speaks volumes about the quality of the ramen and other offerings. Raki-Yata has left a lasting impression on the reviewer, who expresses their gratitude (“Arigatō”) for the delightful experience. This review paints a vivid picture of a place where Japanese culture and cuisine come together to offer a memorable dining adventure.

Raki-Yata Ramen House appears to be a dining destination that leaves an indelible mark on its patrons. The reviewer’s enthusiastic “Yummmm” and playful tone underscore their satisfaction with the experience. The restaurant is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich tapestry of Japanese tradition and cuisine.The reviewer’s use of “Odoroku hodo oishī” captures the delightful surprise of savoring truly delicious food.


In Conclusion, Gitagum the perfect trifecta of food, beaches, and resorts creates an idyllic destination that caters to diverse tastes. From savory seafood to stunning coastal getaways, it’s a must-visit spot for those seeking relaxation and culinary delights.

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