Panda Garden Menu & Prices ( Updated 2023)

The Panda Garden menu is a culinary symphony that harmonizes the rich and diverse flavors of Asian cuisine. From savory stir-fries infused with bold spices to delicate sushi rolls that showcase the art of presentation, each dish is a masterpiece. The menu offers a broad selection of appetizers, entrees, and delectable desserts that cater to a range of tastes, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re a fan of classic dishes or inclined to explore innovative culinary creations, Panda Garden’s menu promises an enticing journey through the vibrant flavors of Asia, all served in an inviting and elegant ambiance.

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The Ambiance 

The ambiance at Panda Garden Menu is a harmonious blend of Asian elegance and contemporary comfort. Soft, ambient lighting creates an intimate and cozy setting, where the sounds of sizzling woks and the rhythmic slicing of sushi add to the overall sensory experience. Whether you’re sharing a meal with loved ones or seeking a moment of solitude, the ambiance at Panda Gardensets the stage for a relaxing and visually pleasing dining experience. It’s a place where the spirit of Asia converges with modern comfort, creating an environment that enhances the culinary journey through the diverse flavors of the continent.

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Panda Garden Menu Provided Different Types Of Dishes Like….

  • Starters
  • Diet Flavors
  • Vegetables
  • White Meat
  • Red Meat
  • Seafood
  • Rice & Noodles
  • Dessert
  • Beverages

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Starters Menu Of Panda Garden

Wonton Soup5.00 (M)
7.00 (L)
Egg Drop Soup5.00 (M)
7.00 (L)
Hot & Sour Soup5.00 (M)
7.00 (L)
Vegetable Soup6.75 (L)

Diet Flavors Menu Of Panda Garden

Steamed Mixed Vegetable11.75
Steamed Chicken with Vegetables12.75
Steamed Shrimp with Vegetables13.75
Steamed Fish with Vegetables14.75

Vegetables Menu Of Panda Garden

Sautéed Mixed Vegetables11.75
Spicy Green Beans11.75
Eggplant Szechuan Style11.75
Asparagus with Mushrooms11.95

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White Meat Menu Of Panda Garden

Chicken with Broccoli12.85
Chicken with Vegetables12.85
Chicken with Cashew Nuts12.85
Spicy Tangy Chicken12.85

Red Meat Menu Of Panda Garden

Beef with Broccoli13.75
Pepper Steak13.75
Beef with Garlic Sauce13.75
Spicy Szechuan Beef13.75

Seafood Menu Of Panda Garden

Shrimp with Broccoli14.50
Shrimp with Vegetables14.50
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce14.50
Hunan Shrimp14.50

Rice & Noodles Menu Of Panda Garden

Chicken Fried Rice11.25
Beef Fried Rice11.25
Pork Fried Rice11.25
Shrimp Fried Rice11.25

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Dessert Menu Of Panda Garden

Mochi Ice Cream (2)3.95
Cheese Cake4.95
Banana Split4.95

Beverges Menu Of Panda Garden

oda 20oz bottle
(Coke. Diet Coke. Sprite. Dr. Pepper. Fanta. Pink Lemonade)
Sweet Tea
(Peach Ice Tea, Mango Ice Tea, Raspberry Ice Tea)
Ice Tea2.50
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Opening And Closing Hours Of Panda Garden Restaurant

Monday10:30 am – 10:00 pm

Tuesday:10:30 am – 10:00 pm

Wednesday:10:30 am – 10:00 pm

Thursday10:30 am – 10:00 pm

Friday:10:30 am – 10:00 pm

Saturday:10:30 am – 10:00 pm

Sunday:10:30 am – 9:30 pm

Contact Information Of Panda Garden Restaurant

Panda Garden – Stamford

15 High Ridge Rd
Stamford, CT 06905 (see on map)Phone: (203) 323-7601

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Panda Garden Menu Pictures

Pizza Garden Menu
Pizza Garden Restaurant

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Panda Garden Menu: A Culinary Voyage

Exquisite Asian Flavors: Panda Garden Menu beckons diners with that promises an exquisite journey through the diverse and flavorful landscapes of Asian cuisine. From the savory stir-fries of China to the delicate sushi of Japan and aromatic curries of Thailand, each dish is a testament to culinary craftsmanship and authenticity.

Elegance in Ambiance: The Menu ambiance reflects a harmonious blend of Asian elegance and contemporary comfort. The decor is tastefully designed with subtle Asian-inspired elements, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere that transports guests to the heart of the Orient.

Quality Ingredients and Craftsmanship: Panda Garden’s Menu commitment to quality shines through in every dish, using fresh and authentic ingredients.

A Memorable Dining Experience: Whether you’re dining with friends and family or seeking a solo culinary adventure, Panda Garden provides the perfect backdrop for memorable experiences.

Culinary Craftsmanship:

At Panda Garden Menu, culinary craftsmanship takes center stage. Each dish is a masterpiece, prepared with skill and attention to detail. From the artful presentation of sushi rolls to the sizzling woks that infuse stir-fries with mouthwatering flavors, the dedication to the craft of cooking is evident in every bite.

Family-Friendly Dining: It is not just a restaurant; it’s a place where families come together to celebrate the joy of good food. The restaurant’s family-friendly atmosphere and accommodating staff make it an ideal choice for gatherings and special occasions, ensuring that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, enjoys a delightful dining experience.

An Aromatic Adventure: The air is filled with the enticing aromas of dishes sizzling on the wok, steaming bowls of soup, and the fragrant spices of Asian curries. The aromatic journey at Panda Garden enhances the overall dining experience, immersing diners in a world of sensory delights.

Where Tradition Meets Innovation: Its strikes a perfect balance between honoring culinary traditions and embracing innovation. The menu showcases classic Asian favorites alongside contemporary creations, ensuring that there’s something for every palate, from the traditionalist to the adventurous foodie.

Warm and Inviting Service: The warmth of the Panda Garden Menu experience extends to the service. Attentive and friendly staff are there to guide you through the menu, answer your questions, and make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

An Asian Fusion Experience: It is more than just a restaurant; it’s an Asian fusion experience that transports guests to the heart of the continent’s diverse culinary landscape. It’s a place where food and culture intertwine to create a memorable dining adventure for all who walk through its doors

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In conclusion, Panda Garden is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey through the rich and diverse flavors of Asia. With a menu that showcases exquisite Asian dishes, a warm and inviting ambiance that reflects both elegance and comfort, and a commitment to quality ingredients and craftsmanship, Panda Garden provides a memorable dining experience for all. Whether you’re a connoisseur of traditional Asian cuisine or an adventurous food lover, Panda Garden strikes the perfect balance between honoring culinary traditions and embracing innovation. Panda Garden is a destination for those seeking a flavorful and cultural adventure that lingers in the memory long after the meal is over.

Frequently Asked Question About Panda Garden Menu

  1. What are the must-try dishes at Panda Garden that showcase the best of Asian cuisine?
    • Panda Garden offers a range of must-try dishes, including sushi rolls, aromatic stir-fries, flavorful curries, and traditional noodle dishes. Sushi enthusiasts can savor fresh, expertly crafted sushi rolls, while those seeking bold flavors can explore savory stir-fries and aromatic curries.
  2. Does Panda Garden accommodate dietary preferences, such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options?
    • Yes, Panda Garden Menu typically provides options for various dietary preferences. The menu often includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices to cater to a diverse range of guest preferences.
  3. Is there an option for online reservations, and can I book private dining for special occasions?
    • Panda Garden Menu may offer online reservation options for added convenience. Additionally, they often have facilities for private dining, making it a suitable choice for special occasions or events.
  4. Do they offer takeout and delivery services for those who prefer to enjoy their meals at home?
    • Panda Garden Menu often offers takeout and delivery services, making it convenient for those who prefer to enjoy their meals in the comfort of their own home.
  5. Any special events, promotions, or chef’s recommendations that vary seasonally on the menu?
    • Panda Garden Menu may feature special events, promotions, and seasonal chef’s recommendations that enhance the dining experience. These can include unique dishes or special offers that vary throughout the year, adding an element of excitement to the menu.

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