Niazi Express Bus Terminal Sargodha

Niazi Express bus terminal in Sargodha serves as a pivotal hub for travelers embarking on journeys facilitated by this renowned transportation service. Located strategically in Sargodha, the terminal provides a convenient point of departure for passengers heading to various destinations within Pakistan.

Whether passengers are commuting for business or pleasure, the terminal serves as a gateway to the extensive network of routes covered by Niazi Express, reflecting the company’s dedication to facilitating reliable and accessible transportation for the community.

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The Ambiance

Niazi Express bus terminal Sargodha exudes a practical and organized ambiance, ensuring efficient departures and arrivals.

About Niazi Express:

Niazi Express Bus Terminal Sargodha is an comforting transport to travel. Whether you are traveling to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Bahawalpur, Multan, Faisalabad, Murree, or any other city in Pakistan, they have service to every corner.

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Niazi Express Sargodha Terminal Location:

It is located at 47 Adda, University Road, Sargodha

Niazi Express Sargodha Terminal:

Terminal Address47 Adda, university road, Sargodha
Phone/Contact Number:0300-4791007
Niazi Express Bus Terminal Sargodha

Popular Routes From Sargodha Terminal:

Niazi Express Provides Bus Service from Sargodha to major cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Faisalabad, Lahore, DG Khan, Bahawalpur. Here is the list of Routes from Niazi Express Sargodha.

From – ToFrom – ToFrom – ToFrom – To
Sargodha to SadiqabadSargodha to RawalpindiSargodha to KarachiSargodha to Multan
Sargodha to QuettaSargodha to RajanpurSargodha to SialkotSargodha to Khanewal
Sargodha to Mian ChannuSargodha to LahoreSargodha to FaisalabadSargodha to Bahawalpur
Niazi Express Sargodha


In conclusion, the Niazi Express bus terminal in Sargodha stands as a crucial transportation hub, facilitating efficient and well-organized travel experiences for passengers. With its strategic location and commitment to service excellence, the terminal serves as a gateway for individuals embarking on journeys across Pakistan.

The practical and streamlined ambiance reflects Niazi Express’s dedication to providing a convenient and reliable mode of transportation, making the terminal a pivotal asset in enhancing connectivity and accessibility for the community in and around Sargodha.

Frequently Asked Question About Niazi Express bus terminal Sargodha

  1. What services are available at the Niazi Express bus terminal in Sargodha?
    • The terminal provides ticketing services, waiting areas, restroom facilities, and information about Niazi Express services.
  2. How can I purchase tickets at the Sargodha terminal, and are there online booking options?
  3. Online booking options may be available on the official Niazi Express website or through affiliated platforms.
  4. What are the operating hours of the Niazi Express terminal in Sargodha?
    • Operating hours vary, but typically terminals are open several hours before the first scheduled departure until after the last bus arrives. Check with the terminal staff for specific hours.
  5. Can I inquire about bus schedules and routes at the Sargodha terminal?
    • Absolutely, the terminal staff can provide information on Niazi Express bus schedules, routes, and destinations.
  6. Is there a customer service desk or information center at the terminal for assistance?
    • Yes, a customer service desk is typically available to assist passengers with inquiries and information.

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