Marhaba Mahal Menu & Prices ( Updated 2024 )

Marhaba Mahal menu is a culinary treasure trove that invites patrons on a journey through the rich and flavorful landscapes of traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Renowned for its authentic offerings, the menu boasts an array of aromatic kebabs, sumptuous biryanis, and savory mezze platters.

Each dish is a celebration of bold spices, succulent meats, and expertly crafted flavors that pay homage to the culinary heritage of the Middle East.

With an ambiance that exudes warmth and hospitality, Marhaba Mahal menu promises an immersive dining experience where the rich traditions of Middle Eastern cuisine come to life on every plate.


The ambiance at Marhaba Mahal is a captivating fusion of Middle Eastern opulence and warm hospitality. Nestled within the restaurant’s interiors, patrons are greeted by a luxurious setting adorned with intricate patterns, rich colors, and authentic decor that transports them to the heart of the Middle East.

Soft, ambient lighting enhances the cozy and inviting atmosphere, creating a space where guests can unwind and savor the culinary delights.

With a blend of cultural authenticity and contemporary elegance, Marhaba Mahal ambiance ensures that each dining experience is a journey into the captivating world of Middle Eastern hospitality and culinary excellence.

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Marhaba Mahal Menu Provided Different Types of Dishes

Fish Tikka

Marhaba Chicken Handi

Mutton Kabab by Mahal Menu

BBQ Boti

Opening & Closing Time of Marhaba Mahal

Tuesday6 am–12 am
Wednesday6 am–12 am
Thursday6 am–12 am
Friday6 am–12 am
Saturday6 am–12 am
Sunday6 am–12 am
Monday6 am–12 am

Contact Information of Marhaba Mahal

Address: 204 RB East W Canal Rd, next to Babu Petroleum, Jahan E Andalus, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000

Phone NO. (041) 8523102

Marhaba Mahal Menu Pictures

Marhaba Starter Menu

Marhaba Fish & Grill Menu


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Marhaba Mahal Menu: A Culinary Tapestry of the Middle East

1. Mesmerizing Mezze Selection:

A Prelude to Middle Eastern Delights Begin your gastronomic journey at Marhaba Mahal with an enticing array of mezze platters.

2. Grilled Kebabs Extravaganza:

Succulent meats, marinated to perfection in an aromatic blend of spices, showcase the culinary mastery that defines Middle Eastern cuisine. Each kebab is a testament to the rich heritage and flavors of the region.

3. Vegetarian Oasis:

A Symphony of Plant-Based Delights For those embracing a vegetarian journey, the menu seamlessly integrates a variety of plant-based options.

4. Biryani Bliss: Fragrant Rice, Middle Eastern Style

Signature biryanis, infused with fragrant spices and basmati rice, provide a satisfying and aromatic climax to the Middle Eastern feast.

5. Sweet Culmination: Traditional Middle Eastern Desserts

The journey through Marhaba Mahal menu concludes with sweet indulgences, featuring traditional Middle Eastern desserts like baklava and kunafa. Each dessert is a celebration of sweetness, adding a delightful and authentic finale to the culinary voyage.

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In Conclusion, Marhaba Mahal menu is a feast that transcends borders, offering a delightful journey through the flavors of the Middle East. From tantalizing mezze platters to succulent grilled kebabs and fragrant biryanis, each dish is a testament to culinary authenticity.

The vegetarian options add diversity, while traditional desserts provide a sweet finale. Amidst an inviting ambiance that reflects warm hospitality, Marhaba Mahal promises a memorable dining experience, capturing the essence of Middle Eastern culinary mastery in every bite.

Frequently Asked Question About Marhaba Mahal Menu

  1. What are the signature dishes at Marhaba Mahal?
    • Explore the menu’s standout dishes that capture the essence of Middle Eastern flavors, from grilled kebabs to signature biryanis.
  2. Are there vegetarian options available on the menu?
    • Discover the diverse range of vegetarian options, including mezze platters and plant-based delights, ensuring a comprehensive dining experience for all patrons.
  3. What makes Marhaba Mahal’s biryanis unique?
    • Learn about the distinctive qualities of the biryanis, including the fragrant spices and basmati rice that contribute to the aromatic Middle Eastern style.
  4. Can the menu accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?
    • Inquire about the restaurant’s flexibility in accommodating special dietary needs to ensure a personalized and enjoyable dining experience.
  5. Are traditional Middle Eastern desserts available on the menu?
    • Indulge in the sweet offerings, including traditional Middle Eastern desserts like baklava and kunafa, providing a sweet and authentic conclusion to the culinary journey at Marhaba Mahal.

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