Maharaja Restaurant Menu & Prices ( Updated 2023 )

Maharaja Restaurant menu is a gastronomic voyage through the regal and diverse realms of Indian cuisine. Renowned for its opulent and flavorful offerings, the menu unfolds to reveal a rich tapestry of aromatic curries, succulent tandoori specialties, and mouthwatering biryanis that reflect the culinary grandeur of the Indian subcontinent.

From the iconic butter chicken to the fragrant biryanis infused with spices, each dish is a tribute to tradition and culinary mastery. Maharaja Restaurant embraces a spectrum of vegetarian options, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive dining experience.

The inviting ambiance, reminiscent of royal Indian palaces, adds to the regality of the culinary journey, creating an immersive setting for patrons to savor the richness of Indian gastronomy in every meticulously prepared dish.

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The ambiance at Maharaja Restaurant seamlessly blends regality and warmth, creating a dining experience reminiscent of royal Indian palaces.

Soft lighting enhances the intimate atmosphere, allowing diners to immerse themselves in the regal surroundings. Whether seated at traditional tables or more intimate settings, the ambiance exudes a sense of grandeur while maintaining an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

The cultural richness of the surroundings serves as a perfect backdrop to the culinary journey offered by Maharaja Restaurant menu, enhancing the overall experience of indulging in the diverse and flavorful offerings of Indian cuisine.

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Maharaja Restaurant Menu Provided Different Types of Dishes

  • Appetizers
  • Platters
  • Maharaja Special
  • Beef Stake
  • Chicken Stake
  • BBQ Boti
  • Hot Beverges

Appetizers Menu

Fish & Chips741
Buffalo Wings581
Dhaka Chicken664

Platters Menu


Maharaja Special Handi

Maharaja Mughlai Handi1329
Maharaja Salt Bea Stake2029
Matan Dasti2729

Beef Stake Menu

Beef Steak Menu bt Maharaja Restaurant
Mashroom Steak 1294
Platinium Steak1294
Pepper Steak1294
Tarragon Steak1294

Chicken Steak Menu

Maharaja Chicken Menu
Mashroom Chicken1154
Tarragon Chicken1154
Moroccan Chicken1154
Platinium Chicken1154

BBQ Boti Menu

Mughlai Tikka1120
Chicken Bihari Boti734
Beef Bihari Boti804
Chicken Malai Boti734

Beverges Menu

Mix Tea133
Green Tea112

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Contact Information of Maharaja Restaurant

Call Us : 0333 3337036

Maharaja Restaurant Menu: A Royal Feast of Indian Delights

1. Regal Beginnings: Appetizers Fit for Royalty

Embark on a culinary journey at Maharaja Restaurant with a selection of appetizers that set the tone for a regal feast. From crispy samosas filled with spiced potatoes to delicate kebabs infused with aromatic spices, the starters are a royal prelude to the Indian gastronomic experience.

2. Majestic Mains: A Tapestry of Aromatic Curries and Tandoori Specialties

The main course at Maharaja unfolds into a majestic array of aromatic curries and tandoori specialties. Signature dishes such as the iconic butter chicken and succulent tandoori kebabs showcase the culinary mastery that defines Indian cuisine. Each dish is a testament to the rich tapestry of flavors that has graced royal tables for centuries.

3. Biryani Elegance:

Fragrant Rice Perfected No Indian feast is complete without the elegance of biryani, and Maharaja Restaurant delivers with fragrant rice dishes infused with spices and adorned with tender meats. The biryanis, a culinary jewel in the menu, offer a tantalizing blend of textures and flavors.

4. Vegetarian Royalty:

A Feast for Every Palate Maharaja Restaurant celebrates the diversity of Indian vegetarian cuisine with thoughtfully crafted dishes that cater to every palate. From creamy paneer curries to flavorful lentil delights, the vegetarian options add a royal touch to the menu.

5. Palatial Sweets: Culinary Grand Finales

Concluding the regal feast are the palatial sweets, where traditional Indian desserts reign supreme. Indulge in the richness of gulab jamun, the delicate layers of rasgulla, and other sweet finales that add a touch of grandeur to the dining experience.

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In essence, Maharaja Restaurant menu is a testament to the opulence of Indian gastronomy, where every dish is a crowned jewel in flavor and tradition. From regal appetizers to majestic mains, the culinary journey is a celebration of rich spices and authentic flavors.

The biryanis and vegetarian delights add diversity to the royal feast, while the palatial sweets provide a sweet conclusion to this regal experience. Amidst an ambiance evoking Indian palaces, Maharaja Restaurant invites patrons to indulge in a culinary coronation, where each visit is a royal affair, and every bite is a taste of Indian culinary mastery.

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Frequently Asked Question About Maharaja Restaurant Menu

  1. What are the signature dishes at Maharaja Restaurant?
    • Explore the menu’s signature dishes, such as iconic butter chicken, flavorful tandoori kebabs, and fragrant biryanis, each reflecting the culinary mastery of Indian cuisine.
  2. Are there vegetarian options available on the menu?
    • Maharaja Restaurant offers a variety of thoughtfully crafted vegetarian dishes, ensuring a comprehensive dining experience for all patrons.
  3. What makes the biryanis at Maharaja Restaurant special?
    • Discover the uniqueness of Maharaja’s biryanis, known for fragrant rice infused with spices and adorned with tender meats, offering a tantalizing blend of textures and flavors.
  4. The ambiance be customized for special occasions?
    • Inquire about the customization options for the ambiance, whether for intimate gatherings or special events, to enhance the overall dining experience.
  5. Are there traditional Indian desserts on the menu?
    • Indulge in the palatial sweets offered at Maharaja Restaurant, including traditional Indian desserts like gulab jamun and rasgulla, providing a sweet and grand finale to the dining experience.

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