Fry Master Gujranwala Menu & Prices (Updated 2023)

Fry master Gujranwala Menu is a well-known manufacturer of commercial deep fryers. Whether it’s for crispy french fries in a fast-food joint or perfectly fried donuts in a bakery. With a commitment to sustainability and advanced technology, Fry master continues to be a leader in the commercial frying industry.

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The Ambiance 

The ambiance at Fry master gujranwala menu, as a commercial equipment manufacturer, may not involve traditional restaurant ambiance. It’s a place where engineers and professionals work diligently to design and create state-of-the-art frying equipment. The ambiance within Fry master gujranwala menu revolves around innovation labs, quality control, and a focus on sustainability. It’s an environment where safety, efficiency, and advanced technology are paramount, ensuring that their products meet the high standards expected by their clients in the foodservice industry.

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Fry Master Gujranwala Menu Provided Different Types Of Dishes

  • Chicken
  • Chines
  • BBQ
  • Soup
  • Appetizers & salads
  • Rice
  • Burger & Sandwiches
  • Sides

Fry Master Chicken Menu

Fry Master Special Chicken 940/600
Chicken Zeerax930 / 590
Chicken Madrasi 930 / 590
Chicken Hari Mirch 930 / 590

Fry Master Chines CUISINE menu

Fry Master Special Chicken Mongolian Chicken730
Shu-Shi Chicken Chicken680
Manchurian Chicken with Pine Apple680
Chicken with Almond680

Fry Master BBQ Menu

Chicken Kastoori Boti670
Chicken Malai Boti680
Chicken Tikka Boti440
Chicken Leg Piece180


Fry Master Special Soup 660 / 450
Red Sichuan Soup 650 / 440
Chicken Hot & Sour Soup 640 / 440


Fish Crackers250
Dhaka Chicken 680
Wasabi Crusted610
Honey Wings700


( Single Serving Sweet Symbolic) 530
Chicken Rice Ring 530
Chicken Black Pepper 530
Chicken Shashlik 530

Burger & Sandwich

Chicken Burger 330
Chicken Cheese Burger 370
Chicken Double Decker Burger 410
Fried Chicken Burger 380


Roghni Nan 30
Garlic Nan 60
Chicken Cheese Nan 300
Fish Cracker 250
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Thursday12:30 pm–12 am
Friday12:30 pm–12 am
Saturday12:30 pm–12 am
Sunday12:30 pm–12 am
Monday12:30 pm–12 am
Tuesday12:30 pm–12 am
Wednesday12:30 pm–12 am

Contact Information Of Fry Master

  Phone No (055) 3251322

Fry Master Locations

Located in: Combine studio

Address: Liberty Plaza, Sialkot Rd, Block B Civil Lines, Gujranwala, Punjab 52250

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Fry Master gujranwala Menu pic

Chinees Cuisine Menu
Chicken Menu Of Fry Master

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Bar BQ Menu
Fry Master Rice Menu
Burger & Sandwich Menu

1. A Legacy of Quality: Fry master has built a reputation for delivering high-quality commercial deep fryers. With decades of experience, they are a trusted name in the foodservice industry.

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2. Innovative Solutions: Fry master gujranwala menu continually innovates, providing cutting-edge technology and features in their fryers. Their commitment to innovation ensures efficiency and ease of use for operators.

3. Safety First: Safety is a top priority. Frymaster’s equipment incorporates safety features, such as automatic shutoffs and easy-to-use controls, to protect both operators and the kitchen environment.

4. Versatile Applications: Fry master gujranwala menu are suitable for a wide range of foodservice establishments, from restaurants and fast-food chains to hotels and catering businesses. They offer versatility for various frying needs.


In conclusion, Fry master gujranwala menu stands as a renowned and trusted name in the realm of commercial frying equipment. Their legacy of quality, commitment to innovation, energy efficiency, safety measures, versatile applications, and sustainability practices make them a leading choice for foodservice establishments.

With a dedication to producing high-performance deep fryers, Fry master gujranwala menu continues to shape the industry, enabling businesses to deliver consistent and delicious fried foods while minimizing their environmental footprint. When it comes to commercial frying, Fry master’s reputation for excellence and innovation sets them apart, making them a top choice for those seeking reliable and efficient frying solutions.

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Frequently Asked Question About Fry Master Gujranwala Menu

  1. What is Fry master, and what do they specialize in?
    • Frymaster is a leading manufacturer of commercial deep fryers and other kitchen equipment, specializing in providing high-quality frying solutions for various foodservice establishments.
  2. Where can I purchase Frymaster deep fryers and commercial kitchen equipment?
    • You can purchase Frymaster equipment through authorized dealers and distributors. You may find local suppliers or contact Frymaster directly for assistance in locating a supplier.
  3. Do Fry master products come with warranties, and what do they cover?
    • Fry master typically offers warranties on their equipment.
  4. Can I get technical support or assistance with maintenance for Frymaster equipment?
    • Yes, Frymaster provides technical support and maintenance assistance through authorized service providers. You can contact their customer service for guidance on finding service providers in your area.
  5. Are there energy-efficient options available in the Fry master product line to help reduce operating costs?
    • Yes, Fry master places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency.

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